K 書中心 開放資訊

K 書中心 A、B 二館,提供舒適的空間讓同學安心自習,相揪好友共同一起來 ALL PA。

K書中心 A 館: A館分享影片介紹

     1. 位置:社區中心(網球場、東華超商/台企銀、郵局提款機旁)

     2. 學期開放時間:

         時間 : 星期一  至  星期日  09:00~23:59

  3. 休館資訊:




K書中心 B 館: B館內部空間介紹

     1. 位置:集賢館 2 樓 G209室

     2. 學期開放時間:星期一  至  星期日  24 小時開放 (有門禁裝置,須刷學生證,新生請先至圖書館櫃台開卡)

  3. 休館資訊:



寒、暑假期間閉館不開放使用 (開學期間每日皆正常開館)



K 書中心使用須知
K-Book Center Rules and Regulations

Article 1: Smoking, carrying prohibited items, or wearing inappropriate clothing and footwear are not allowed upon entry.

Article 2: Children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by adults at all times.

Article 3: Loud noises, playing games on computer equipment, viewing explicit contents, engaging in illegal or inappropriate behaviors are strictly prohibited.

條、討論區可以使用筆電與 3C 等產品,但是發出之音量或討論之聲響以不干擾他人為原則,並請遵守管理人員指示,無法遵守者將暫停其入館使用權利。
Article 4: Laptops and 3C products are allowed in discussion areas. Noise levels and discussions should not disturb other users. Please follow the instructions of the staff. Failure to comply may result in the suspension of entry rights.

Article 5: Please maintain a quiet environment in the reading area. Please use headphones if necessary.

條、館內空間請勿以任何東西佔位,空間未使用達 30 分鐘或於區內睡眠且區內無餘位時將由管理人員清理。
Article 6: Do not reserve spaces within the facility with personal belongings. Spaces that remain unused for 30 minutes or are occupied for sleeping without available seats will be cleared by the staff.

Article 7: Inappropriate behaviors that may disrupt public orders or decency may be reported to the school's security office. Entry rights may be suspended.

Article 8: Please seek permission when using power outlets within the facility and follow the instructions of the staff. Failure to comply may result in the suspension of entry rights.

Article 9: In the event of a power outage or special circumstances, users inside the facility should cooperate with inspections when leaving.

Article 10: When leaving the facility, please remember to turn off desk lamps and equipment to conserve energy. Also, mind your personal belongings and keep the tabletops clear. To ensure fair use for all readers, the staff may periodically remove
books and items from tables.