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About CTE

With the opportunity of the participation in the Teaching for Excellence Project presented by Ministry of Education, National Dong Hwa University presents the “Care and Devotion” project:1. The University sets up “Faculty Professional Development” unit in order to be aware of faculties’ instructional needs and promote enthusiasm of teaching; 2. The University builds up “Learning Center” unit in order to be aware of students’ needs in academic studies and on campus; 3. The University also establishes “Instructional Technology Resources” unit for the purpose of encouraging the use of multi-media technology in teaching and learning.

The project of “Care and Devotion” is determined to set up the above mentioned three units in four years in terms of the hardware and software installment and operation to reach its uppermost functions. Through the execution of this project, Center for Teaching Excellence looks forward to that faculties will enjoy teaching and students will enjoy learning and both benefit from the diversity and digitized resources through the employment of multi-media technology. As a result, no matter who in this campus encounters problems in teaching or learning knows where to turn to.